Connecting Anabaptists with Technology Resources


What is Anabaptism?

During the Reformation, the Anabaptist movement emerged with an emphasis on faith that brings practical obedience. Today the movement includes the Mennonite, Amish, and Brethren groups. While practices vary, these groups emphasize practical obedience to Christ, a commitment to brotherhood, and a belief in non-resistance and self-sacrificing love.

How is this website Anabaptist?

This website is designed to serve the Anabaptist community, connecting them to service providers who share these values and who share a connection to Anabaptist communities.

Why focus on Anabaptists?

Business happens best in the context of community and following networks of trust. This website facilitates those connections for the Anabaptist community. We also encourage people to invest in and strengthen other natural communities, including the local community where they live and work.

Is this website only for Anabaptists?

If you don’t identify as Anabaptist, we’re still delighted if you find these listings helpful. You don’t have to identify as Anabaptist to be a listed service provider, as long as you hold these values, are willing to be accountable for them, and have substantial connections to the Anabaptist community.


Do you recommend all of these providers?

While we have verified each business through previous clients and work partners, we can't guarantee that they are the right choice for your business needs. We encourage you to interview them just like you would a contractor that you are considering hiring to build your house:

  • Do research beforehand.
  • Ask lots of questions.
  • Ask for references and follow up with those.

What if I can’t find a vendor for my needs?

If you can’t find a vendor that meets your needs, please send us an email. We’ll contact our network of providers to see if we can find someone to help you.

What if I have problems with a listed business?

We encourage you to first contact the business and see if you can work out a mutually acceptable solution. Many times conflicts occur because of misunderstandings. If that fails, please let us know. While we are not arbitrators, we will encourage businesses to pursue appropriate resolution. Businesses may be removed from the directory after repeated unresolved issues.

Listing My Business

Does my business qualify as a tech provider?

We’re defining tech providers as companies or individuals who provide technology or tech services as a core part of their business. It does not include companies that simply use technology in their business, such as a photographer using digital cameras and Photoshop, or a drafter using AutoCAD. Feel free to email us if you have questions.

What is required to list my business?

We have a simple form to enter contact information and your business profile. You’ll need to provide a 100-500 word business description. We also ask for two references. At least one should be a customer. The listing will be reviewed to ensure that it fits our directory. Our staff will also contact your references for a short conversation by phone or email.

Do you charge for this service?

This service is being provided by our sponsors. Standard listings are free. In the future we may add paid premium features.

Suggestions for This Site

Have you considered showing reviews for these businesses?

Yes! We’re not sure what form it will take, but we are exploring ways that we could show reviews or endorsements on the site to help provide more information about these businesses.

Could you include other sectors?

While this site is limited to tech businesses, we see value in business listings for other service businesses and beyond. Stay tuned and we’ll see what the future brings!

I have other ideas for your site.

We’d love to hear them! We can’t promise to make every suggested change, but we do promise to consider them!