Connecting Anabaptists with Technology Resources


As we've worked to determine the core values of an Anabaptist business, we've identified the following five values.

While we've done our best to ensure that each of the businesses embrace these values, we can't guarantee they're the right choice for you.

Excellence in Work

Anabaptist communities have a rich heritage of craftsmanship--a tradition that has given them a well-earned reputation for excellence, whether in quilts, furniture, or cabinets. A well-built technological solution may be different from a well-built table, but the value of building it well is as current as ever.


Business is not primarily a tool for personal gain. It is an opportunity to serve others -- providing needed services to customers, enabling employees to live well, and helping money flow toward positive ends.

Providing Value

Excellent work is worth its price--but treating others as you want to be treated means your clients should get at least the value they pay for. If generosity characterizes your business, you’ll be well in line with historical Anabaptist ideals.


Let your “yes” mean “yes” and your “no” mean “no.” Your clients shouldn’t have to wonder whether you will follow through on your commitments, what conflicts of interest you might have, or whether you’ll take unfair advantage in your relationship with them.

Reconciliation and Peace

Conflict is inevitable, but resolution isn’t. Peace means living out the message that Jesus spoke of by “turning the other cheek” when someone hits you, or of “going the extra mile.” It means pursuing reconciliation at all costs and volunteering to be generous in settling with anyone who brings a case against you.