Connecting Anabaptists with Technology Resources

Viewfinder Creative

We provide marketing, print design, web design, & product photography services. The success of your business is our primary goal. We start by learning who you are and what makes your business unique. Then we help you focus on your strong points and simplify your message. Finally, we provide you with customized creative solutions to effectively reach your customers.

Black Anvil Media, Inc

Here at Black Anvil Media, we specialize in web development, small business marketing services, social media management, and full spectrum digital marketing.

Design S

We specialize in print typesetting, layout, and formatting. We also have experience with logo design, branding, and print & digital marketing. Contact us to see if we're a good fit for your project.


Our team at VIZTECH started from a simple vision of helping businesses grow online. The founders, Dave and Josh, have years of experience in the business world and they know that websites, Facebook, and e-commerce services are fast becoming the means for marketing and growing businesses great and small.

LifeX Marketing

At LifeX Marketing we help businesses engage with their target audiences through carefully crafted sales funnels and campaigns, as well as specialized web design.

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, we run all messaging thru the StoryBrand Framework which is proven to increase customer engagement and revenue.

Olive Tree Studios

We are a professional graphics design and website development firm. We specialize in the small business brochure oriented websites and marketing materials. We provide design services for logos, branding, flyers, postcards, catalogs and more. We also build and maintain websites.

Creative Warehouse Marketing

Our goal is to provide quantifiable marketing to businesses that desire growth. We believe that marketing should be held accountable for providing a return on investment, just like any other part of business.

Our services include, but aren't limited to print design, web design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, marketing strategy, and consultation.

Our crew of 12 people would love to get your message out to the right people!

Story Pro

Are you frustrated that your website visitors aren't buying? Do you struggle to explain what you do?

We'll help you get more customers with a complete website makeover. We will craft a clear, compelling message, and redesign your website so that it's easy for your customers to take the next step.

We look forward to serving you!

Unlocked Marketing

Unlocked Marketing LLC helps businesses unlock their online success using the Unlocked Marketing Blueprint. This blueprint charts a path from either a weak or non-existent online presence to a thriving online presence that attracts and converts customers.

We focus especially on marketing funnel and provide web design, web hosting and email marketing to support powerful online marketing funnels.

Rosewood Marketing

Marketing is a mystery to many small business owners. Every business owner should understand and develop marketing that works. Rosewood Marketing guides clients into the discovery of marketing that works for them.

E-Impact Marketing LLC

You know what it takes to run a successful business. There are people to manage, quotes to get out and projects to complete. The sun often sets with a to-do list that is incomplete!

It’s the marketing that gets left for the next day, or week, or year. Pushing off marketing the things you offer will mean less growth in the future.

At E-Impact Marketing, we help by managing your online marketing so you can focus on the business. And we do that while seeking to bring God’s Kingdom a bit closer.

37 Percent Consulting

37% is mathematically defined as the optimal stopping point in making decisions.

At 37 Percent Consulting, we believe we are your optimal stopping point in looking for answers.

We provide digital and online marketing, lead generation and operational business consulting.

We work primarily with small to medium sized business, including shed companies, construction businesses and retail sales.

Champagne Enterprises, LLC

Champagne Enterprises, LLC provides business IT and digital marketing services.

With business IT, we focus mainly on small businesses with 1-20 employees.

With digital marketing, we focus on optimizing the local search visibility of small, local businesses. Most of our clients are in the home improvement space, but any local service business with annual revenues of $500k-$5m is a potential client of ours.

Ideal Growth Marketing

We partner with passionate, successful entrepreneurs who are seeking a measurable return on their digital marketing efforts. What sets us apart from the rest of the industry is our passion to learn and to be on the cutting edge, while staying true to the traditions of service, hard work and quality.

We want to help you interact with your target market and convert them into customers with lasting relationships.