Connecting Anabaptists with Technology Resources

Esh Computer Center / Eagle Business Software

Esh Computer Center and Eagle Business Software offer a wide variety of services, software, and support. IT/network services, business software, and phone system divisions combine to offer small businesses the tools they need to manage their businesses.

Services include network management, software contracts, and help desk service as well as integrated technologies such as phone, e-mail, software, websites, and computers for a more mobile business.


We are a computer sales and support company. We work in a variety of areas including but not limited to:
-Computer repair services
-In-House, Remote Support and Onsite services
-Network setup and repair
-PBX Phone Systems
-Servers and domain management
-Cloud backup solutions.
-Data recovery (In-house and some on-site)

We believe in providing honest dependable services that are in line with the teachings of the Word of God.

Goods Technology Services

Good's Technology currently develops and markets StoreLIVE!

StoreLIVE! is a complete point of sale and store management system for independent small and medium sized retailers. The system is designed for single or multi-lane stores requiring fast and efficient check outs. In addition to point of sale features, the system includes inventory management, label printing, detailed item pricing, category management, and features to integrate with both point of sale and bulk/deli scales.

Tech Support One LLC

We offer sales and professional support for everything IT.

We design and build custom computer hardware to meet any need. From blazing fast 3D CAD systems to high-end builds for computer controlled equipment, we have the knowledge and experience to build a system that performs the way you want it to!

Work smarter, not harder! Ask us about custom software solutions!

Ready to experience practical solutions for your IT needs, and disruptive customer service? Call us today at 800-835-9502.

Paragon Computing Solutions, LLC

We design software to serve the building industry. We know that your building supply company has very specific needs--fast entry for products in variable lengths, custom trim design with intuitive price calculation, easy tracking of product assembly, integrated dispatching, quick accounting, and much more. These are all needs that Paragon Computing Solutions has met with Paradigm Accounting, Production, Deliver Me, and business web services.

Spire Business Technologies

Spire Business Technologies is a business development company located in Elnora, Indiana. We specialize in information technologies, but will take on almost anything to grow and optimize your business. Our services cover three specific areas: Business Identity, Product Development & Marketing, and Process Optimization. We exist to make your business productive, efficient, and sustainable.